I can wear full highland uniform, including feather bonnet right through to day dress, including waistcoat, depending on your requirements and the occasion.



 omniphonik can provide piping services from a solo piper to a whole band for your special occasion.

I have years of experience playing for many different events which inlude engagements, weddings, parties, birthdays, anniversaries, funerals, St. Andrew's night, Burns Nights and Hogmanay.

I have played for Highland and Scottish Country dancing should you want to make a whole night of it!

Contact me to discuss options and prices.


If you wanted to hear bagpipes more as background music, then consider hiring me to play Scottish Smallpipes.

A much mellower tone and more suited to longer periods indoors, the smallpipes are perfect for adding a touch of Scotland to your event. Contact me to find out more.


The Lone Piper spot at the Scottish Tattoo. I am wearing full highland uniform with glengarry. Please take a listen to hear what I can play.


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